Fanstreme is all about extreme fan engagement through Facebook Messenger and other social technologies using seamless chatbot technology and creative storytelling for TV, film, and sports.


Favorite shows become fully immersive experiences as fans not only interact with content but enjoy customized engagement tailored to the individual, by staying connected to every great episode and season with inside info, event reminders, games, secret scenes, trivia, and more.


Films last long after the end credits roll as the worlds live on in the interactive and social gaming universe not just behind-the-scenes, but inside-the-scenes, as well.


Fans may physically stay on the sidelines at home while virtually being on the floor and in the huddle as an active part of their favorite teams and players. Stay up-to-date and in-the-game with quick sports data, game info, team forums, player profiles and good smack talk with our Sports Personal Robot Technology, cleverly named, "Sport".


engage with.

Be more than just a casual observing fan and become an active participant inside your favorite entertainment, by interacting with your favorite characters, teams and storylines.


play games with.

Existing, passively viewed content becomes the mere starting point for fans, as an array of interactive gaming possibilities extend and expand the world beyond television, movie and sports screens. Look out for our fantasy sports league and game betting platform that let you manage your picks and money unlike anything ever seen before.


get smart with.


The more fans play and communicate with Fanstreme, the more the technology learns -- and the greater the experience grows, organically evolving over time as it becomes intelligently customized to each individual's preferences and experiences.

have fun with.